Food & Kitchen

Food & Kitchen

Warehouse Plus supplies a wide range of foods and hospitality related products to meet the needs of our customers.


We stock a dedicated food range to meet the needs of our business clients with many items also popular with the public. Most of the items are sold in a commercial pack size for hotels, cafes & restaurants but items like our 2kg Maggi Rich Gravy Mix are also incredibly popular with home cooks.

Maggi range:

  • Rich Gravy mix (also gluten free)
  • Golden Roast Gravy mix (also gluten free)
  • Chicken Gravy mix (also gluten free)
  • Bechamel Sauce mix
  • Beef Booster (gluten free)
  • Chicken Booster (gluten free)
  • Cheese Sauce mix (gluten free)
  • French Onion Soup mix (gluten free)
  • Taste of Americas Legendary BBQ Sauce
  • Taste of Asia Korean BBQ Sauce

They come in 1.7kg or 2kg tubs with the Rich Gravy mix also available in a 7.5kg bucket. Hollandaise Sauce is a 1ltr bottle.


  • Nescafe Blend 43 (500 gram can) and Nescafe Blend 43 sticks (280 pack).
  • International Roast (1kg can) and International Roast sticks (280 pack).
  • Moccona Classic Medium Roast (500 gram can) and Moccona Classic Medium Roast sticks (500 pack) and Moccona Smooth Grain sticks (1000 pack).

Coffee Beans:

  • Sicilia Crema Ultima (1kg pack)
  • Sicilia Espresso Regio (1kg pack)
  • Sicilia Italian Blend (1kg pack)
  • Sicilia Mild sampler pack (4 x 250gm)
  • Sicilia Premium sampler pack (4 x 250gm)


  • Lipton tagged teabags (1000 pack),
  • Lipton enveloped teabags (500 pack)

Chai Tea:

  • Arkadia Spice Chai Tea (1kg pack)
  • Arkadia Vanilla Chai Tea (1kg Pack).


  • Nestle (1.9kg can)

Hot Chocolate:

  • Nestle Alpen blend (1.4kg can)
  • Nestle Complete mix (2kg can)
  • Cacao Fantasy (1kg pack)
  • Cappuccino Extra Fine (2 x 500gm pack)
  • Whitener – Beverage Whitener (500gm)

Mousse & Dessert Mix:

  • Nestle Docello Lemon Flavour Dessert mix (2.05kg tub – gluten free)
  • Nestle Docello Chocolate Mousse mix (1.9kg tub – gluten free)
  • Nestle Docello Citrus Flavour Mousse mix (1.9kg tub – gluten free)
  • Nestle Docello French Vanilla Mousse mix (1.8kg tub – gluten free)
  • Nestle Docello Strawberry Mousse mix (1.9kg tub – gluten free)


  • Piazza Caramel Syrup (750ml)
  • Piazza Vanilla Syrup (750ml)
  • Piazza Hazelnut Syrup (750ml)

Milkshake Syrups:

  • Edlyn Chocolate Syrup (3ltr)
  • Edlyn Strawberry Syrup (3ltr)
  • Edlyn Vanilla Syrup (3ltr)
  • Edlyn Caramel Syrup (3ltr)
  • Other flavours available subject to availability


  • CSR 2kg packs
  • CSR 15kg bags
  • CSR Sugar sachets / single serve (2000 box)
  • CSR Sugar sticks (2500 box)
  • CSR Raw sugar sticks (2500 box)


  • Equal Sweetener sachets (box 750)

Tomato Sauce:

  • Heinz 4Ltr

Hollandaise Sauce

  • Knorr 1 litre carton (subject to availability)
  • French Maid 1 litre carton (subject to availability)

Bearnaise Sauce

  • Knorr 1 litre carton

Tangy Tomato Dressing:

  • Zoosh (formerly Kraft brand) 2.4kg

Salt & Pepper:

  • We sell salt & pepper sachets in boxes of 2000 and packs of 500 (tailored pack sizes by request).


  • Arnotts Milk Coffee & Nice combo (150 serves/box)
  • Arnotts Scotch Finger & Nice combo (150 serves/box)
  • Arnotts Butternut Snap & Chocolate Ripple combo (150 serves/box)
  • Please note – not all biscuit ranges are kept in stock at the same time and may be subject to availability – please enquire.


  • Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk (1 litre / Cartons of 10)
  • Devondale UHT Skim Milk (1 litre / Cartons of 10)



Our range of Victorinox knives is quite extensive and evolves to meet the requests and requirements of our customers. Victorinox knives have an outstanding reputation amongst the hospitality industry and are much loved by home cooks for their enduring quality, precision and long life.

Our range includes, but is not limited to…

Boning Knives – Bread Knives – Budding Knives – Butchers Knives – Cake Decorating Knives – Carving Knives – Cleavers – Filleting Knives– Lemon Decorating Knives – Paring Knives – Pastry Knives – Shaping Knives – Skinning Knives – Slicing Knives – Steak Knives. Special or customised orders always welcome.

We have a selection of honing steels, sharpening stones, & pull through knife sharpeners. We also stock sharpening stone oil.

We also have knife bags.


Kitchen staples of Alfoil, Clingwrap & Beta Bake all come in a range of lengths & widths suitable for the home cook, caterer or commercial kitchen.

  • Alfoil dispensers – General Purpose in 30cm x 150m, 44cm (or45cm) x 150m. Heavy Duty 44cm x 150m. Extra Heavy Duty in 44cm x 150m.
  • Clingwrap dispensers in 33cm x 300m, 33cm x 600m and 45cm x 600m.
  • Freezer ‘Go Between’ film, perforated, in 33cm x 50m roll
  • Freezer ‘Slap Sheets’, strung, in 24cm x 24cm and 44cm x 69cm
  • Beta Bake dispensers in 30cm x 120m and 40cm x 120m.

Alfoil cut sheets: 500 pack, 203mm x 273mm.


  • Perforated roll – poly-laminated coating and heavyweight paper offer the strength needed to easily wrap a range of deli meats and small goods.


  • Premium lunch wrap sheets – 400mm x 330mm – 800 ream


  • Suitable for Produce, Fruit & Veg, Meat, Poultry, Seafood. (1200m roll x 45cm – 13um)


  • Sheets in various prints – 1/4 cut (200 x 330), 1/2 cut (400 x 330), Full (400 x 660, 510 x 760)
  • Rolls – 30cm x 120m, 30cm x 640m


  • Our range of garbage bags covers all sizes and options from 18L kitchen tidy bags for the smallest rubbish bins up to the huge 240L garbage bags suitable for roadside wheelie bins. They come in varying pack sizes or in rolls, depending on the brand and size. If we don’t have a garbage bag to suit your needs it probably doesn’t exist.


  • A range of rubbish bins from 10Ltr to 73Ltr and bags to suit all sizes


  • 200mm x 250mm (1000), 300mm x 250mm (1000), 450mm x 300mm (1000), 610mm x 450mm (100) 850mm x 460mm High Density (100)


  • Cocktail – Luncheon – Dinner. 1ply – 2ply – 3ply. A range of over 30 colours & shades to choose from.


Bamboo Cocktail Forks, Beard Covers, Beer Jugs, Bouffant Caps / Hair Nets, Bread Bag Tags & Ties, Butcher’s Body Chain, Butchers Twine, Cake Boxes & Cake Boards, Cake Icing Sets, Can Openers, Champagne Stoppers, Check Tickets, Chef Hats, Chip Scoops, Chopsticks, Cocktail Parasols, Coffee Filter Papers, Coffee Pots, Coffee Tampers, Counter Bells, Cupcake Cases, Cutting Boards & Cutting Board Racks, Cutting Mats, Dagwood Dog Sticks, Dessert Cake Forks, Dish Brushes, Dispenser Bottle Flip Top Caps, Doyleys, Egg Slicers, Fat Filters, Food & Steak Marker Flags, Food Picks, Food Scoops, Glass Bags, Glass Brushes, Griddle Pads & Holders, Griddle Scrapers, Grout Brushes, Hackit Potato Mashers, Honey Buckets & Lids, Ice Cream Ballers, Ice Cream Scoops, Jam Jars & lids, Jar Tongs, Julienne Peelers, Kitchen Pourers, Kitchen Scales, Kitchen Scissors, Kitchen Twine, Knife Guards, Knife Roll Bags, Knife Sheaths, Lemon Zesters, Meat Tenderisers, Milk Jugs, Mortar & Pestles, Muffin Cases, Muffin Parchment Wraps, Oven Bags, Pails (8oz, 16oz, 26oz, 32oz), Paint Scrapers, Pan Liners, Pan Scrapers, Patty Pans, Piping Bags, Pizza Cutters, Pizza Oven Peel Spatulas, Pizza Saver Stands, Placemats in various colours, Plastic Bottle Caps, Plating Tweezers, Potato Peelers, Poultry Shears, Raffle Books, Rolling Pins, Rubbish Bins, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Sandwich Guards, Sauce Bottles, Soda Spoons, Spatulas, Spirit Jiggers, Spirit Pourers, Strainers, Swizzle Sticks, Table Cloth Clips, Table Cover Rolls, Table Covers, Table Number Holders, Table Numbers, Thermometers, Timers, Toast Bags, Tongs, Toothpicks, Traymats, Urn Cleaner, Urns (Birko 5L,10L & 20L), Vacuum Bags & Pouches, Vege Peelers, Whisks, Wooden Skewers, Wooden Stirrers, Wristbands.