Warehouse Plus has a wide range of pool chemicals and supplies for your pool or spa.

Bingo B Water Balancer

Stain repressant, aids filter and corrosion inhibitor. Controls pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

Chlorine in liquid, granular & tablet forms

DPD 1 Chlorine Testing Tablets

DPD is an abbreviation of diethyl-p-phenylene diamine. DPD tablets react with pool water containing chlorine or bromine, colouring the water sample various shades of red. The deeper the colour, the higher the concentration of sanitiser. The DPD tablet No.1 is used to measure free or “available” sanitiser, the useful hypochlorous or hypobromous acid required for sanitising.

Filtsand Pool Filter Sand

Unicorn filter sand is kiln-dried to stop moisture absorption. Can be used in both new filter installations and filter maintenance. Unicorn sand filter replacement sand is also graded to ensure maximum performance and filtration. Graded to 16/30 granule sizing.

Genie Spa Fragrances

Genie Spa Fragrances come in several scents & flavours. Relax with the smooth scents in your spa or spa bath. 

IQ Aluminium Sulphate Flocculant

Clears cloudy pools

IQ Alkalinity Up - pH Buffer

Sodium Bicarbonate, Buffer (Powder). Increases the pH of Swimming Pool water Acts as a pH buffer preventing extreme pH shifts. Ideal TA level is between 80 – 150 ppm

IQ Clarifying Gel Super Cubes Plus

The original Gel cube. Clears cloudy pools and prevents algae growth by removing Phosphates. Slow dissolving, long lasting flocculent. Keeps pool water clear for up to 30 days. Reduces high level phosphates

IQ Duck Away

100 g/l Benzalkonium Chloride and 23.5 g/l Alcohol Ethoxylate. Deters ducks from swimming pools. Changes surface tension of water making it difficult for ducks to float. Product is not harmful to ducks.

IQ Fast Floc

Polyaluminium Chloride Complex plus Polymer. Concentrated flocculent with built in accelerator. Fast acting, will clear pool water within 3 – 6 hours. Clears cloudy pools by dropping debris to the pool floor, then may be vacuumed to waste.

IQ Flat n Foam

Foam control for spa and hot tubs. Suppresses foaming in Spas, Hot Tubs, Hydrotherapy Pools & Fountains. Compatible with all sanitisers and other chemicals.

IQ Liquid Pool Acid

370 g/ltr Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid. Decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pool water

IQ Low Fume Acid

20-40% Sulphuric Acid. 1-5% Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid. Decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pool water.

IQ Maxi Clear Skimmer Tablets

Aluminium Sulphate tablet. Clears cloudy pools fast. Each sock contains 5 x 25gram tablets for fast dissolving action. Fast acting clarifier, ideal for newly filled or cloudy pools. Perfect for sand filters. pH should be between 7.2 – 7.6 for best results

IQ Nil-Phos

250 g/l Lanthanum Chloride. Phosphates are a common food source for algae and are introduced to the water from things such as swimmers, dust and soil run-off from gardens and lawns. IQ Nil-Phos Phosphate Remover prevents algae growth by removing phosphates. Optimum strength to ensure rapid removal of Phosphates. Water may initially become cloudy as Phosphates drops out but will clear. IQ Maxi Clear Tablets or Pool Solutions Super Clear are recommended to accelerate clarification.

IQ pH Down dry acid

Sodium Bisulphate, Dry Acid. Decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pool water. No longer classified as a dangerous good for transportation or storage purposes. Ideal pH should be between 7.2 – 7.8.

IQ pH Up soda ash

Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate (Granules / Powder). Increases the pH of Swimming Pool water rapidly. Ideal pH should be between 7.2 – 7.8.

IQ Pool Solutions Salt Cell Protector

Magnesium Chloride. Reduces calcium deposits on salt cells. Reduces calcium scaling on salt chlorinator cells and also softens any deposits allowing easy removal of any calcium build up.

Does not contain any sulphates (sulphates attack cement and grout). Depending on rainfall and back washing, one treatment will last up to 6 months.

IQ Polymax Algaecide

685g/L Polymeric Quaternary Ammonium Compound. Metal Free Concentrated Pool Algaecide. Kills Black spot, Blue-green, Mustard and Green Algae. Can be used in conjunction with all forms of sanitiser. Ideal for Ionised & salt water pools & aids in clarifying the pool.

IQ Shock & Swim

Rapid crystal clear water with added clarifier. 372 g/kg available Chlorine present as Dichloroisocyanurate and 100 g/kg Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate also contains non-chlorine oxidiser and flocking agent. Its high oxidiser, low chlorine level makes it an ideal instant shock product allowing swimmers to re-enter the water within one hour of application. Acidic pH 4 – 5

IQ Spa Bath & Cartridge Clean

Alkaline Salts 28 g/kg available Chlorine present as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate. For cleaning of spa bath systems, pipes and cartridges. Removes build-up of oils, grease and other contaminants from pipe work in Spas, Spa Baths and filter cartridges.

IQ Spa Brom - Bromine Tablets

650 g/kg available Bromine 280 g/kg available Chlorine present as Bromochlorodimethylyydantoin. For the control of algae and bacteria in spa, pools and hot tubs. Ideal sanitiser for water greater than 26° C, Bromine is not pH dependant. Acidic pH 4 – 5

IQ Spa Start & Balance

A unique formulation designed to balance Spa water. Raises Calcium Hardness, Total alkalinity and pH. It contains non-chlorine Oxidisers to combat any organic contaminants. Coagulates suspended solids. Provides scale and corrosion protection. Reduces iron and copper staining. Contains Monopersulphate. Alkaline pH 10 – 11

IQ Sun Block

996 g/kg Cyanuric Acid, Stabiliser. Protects chlorine from ultra violet sunlight. Ideal stabiliser level is 20 – 30 ppm. Do not exceed 50 pp

IQ Super Clear

Fast acting concentrated coagulant pool water clarifier. Super Clear acts by gathering fine particles in the pool water together and trapping them in the filter. Regular use will reduce the amount of chlorine use by removing organic materials from the pool water. Highly concentrated clarifier. Fast acting. Biodegradable. Can be used with normal PH levels. Reduces Chlorine use.

IQ Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser

IQ Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser is a high oxidiser and a low chlorine level product, making it an ideal instant shock that allows swimmers to re-enter the water within one hour of application. This product is a multi-purpose sanitiser and will kill germs fast, clarify and condition the spa water providing a soft bathing experience. This is the perfect product to create healthy water that is also soft and gentle.

Lochlor Aquaguard CSM

Cell Protector Scale Inhibitor Metal Remover. Lo-Chlor Aquaguard C.S.M. is a versatile and multi-function specialty product that can be used for a diverse range of solutions to enhance the quality of your pool surrounds, your pool equipment and your pool water. Aquaguard C.S.M. keeps scale at bay by both ASSISTING in the removal of existing scale and INHIBITING the build-up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes. INHIBITS the build-up of calcium and magnesium on the pool surface. INHIBITS calcium from dropping out of solution. AIDS in removal of existing calcium and magnesium from walls of pool. Acts as a Salt Chlorinator Cell Protector by INHIBITING the build-up of scale on chlorinator cells keeping them soft and also minimising the likelihood that build up will occur in the first place. Acts as an extremely powerful sequestering agent meaning that its presence in the water will INHIBIT metal elements such as iron and copper from dropping out of solution.

Lochlor Chlorine remover

Reduces chlorine and bromine levels in pools and spas. Compatible with all other pool chemicals. Results in hours. Highly concentrated. Does not reduce chloramines or combined chlorine levels.

Lochlor Leak Sealer

An advanced Liquid Formulation for sealing minor cracks & leaks in both pipe work and pool surfaces. Seals minor leaks in most swimming pools & spas. Can seal leaks losing up to 3.5cm of water per day (in a 50K litre pool). No need to empty pool or spa. Fast acting – usually stops leaks in 24 hours.

Lochlor Multi-Stain Remover

Triple action all-purpose stain remover. Will remove all metallic & organic stains from swimming pool and spa surfaces benefits. Removes iron, copper, manganese and rust stains. Also removes organic stains such as algae stains, leaf stains and mould in vinyl liners. Use as an all over treatment for stain removal or as a spot treatment.

Lochlor Salt Cell Protector

Calcium inhibitor that softens heavily encrusted salt cells. Advanced magnesium based formulation (soft compound). As well as limiting the build-up of calcium scale on salt chlorinator cells, salt cell protector plus will soften any deposits, making them so much easier to remove. One treatment of Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus will last for approximately 6 months. Extremely economical product to use. Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus increases chloride concentration in water-enhancing chlorine production. Does not contain sulphates.

Lochlor Stain & Scale Attack

A two part pack which attacks calcium scale in swimming pools. Two highly concentrated formulations from Lo-Chlor Chemicals which combine to form a concentrated compound of organic acids and chelating agents in the fight against calcium Scale in swimming pools.

Mermaid Finest Pool Salt

Mermaid Finest Swimming Pool Salt is naturally evaporated solar salt (sodium chloride). It is a low residue, fast dissolving and easy to open pool salt and should be the first choice in salt for your pool. It can be used in pools with a salt chlorinator, or in chlorine pools to add a natural, softer feel to the water.

My Spa Pipe Cleaner & Scale Inhibitor

360g/L Phosphonic Acid Complex. Advanced sequestering agent. Removes dissolved metals from spa water. Prevents metal staining in spas. Prevents scale forming in spas. Holds calcium scale & metals in solution

Pool Magic Clarifier & Polish

Unique, concentrated Cationic. Polymer blend that delivers excellent results
Ideal for use after taking phosphates out the water. Clears and polishes the water. Easy application – user friendly. pH stable. Environmentally friendly. Aids filtration. Improves chemical efficiency

Pool Magic Fibreglass & Gel Coat Cleaner

Effective & gentle de-stainer. Easy to use & conveniently packaged. Temporarily reverses the oxidative process caused by Chlorine on fibreglass gel coats. Useful in the reduction of “black spot” in old gel coats, & other staining associated with older fibreglass pools.

Pool Magic Filter Degreaser

Granular Concentrated Filter Cleaner. Alkaline Salts Blend. Removes grime, oil & organic build-up. Ideal to use before summer starts and when summer ends to refresh the filter. Use in all types of filters. Improves filter cycles.

Pool Magic Phos-Granules phosphate remover

Super convenient skimmer application, no fuss and no shaking the bottle. Removes the food algae thrives on. 1 sachets removes 1.85ppm or 1850ppb of phosphates. Effective algae preventative.

Pool Magic Multi-function Trichlor Tablets

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Tablet with Algaecide & Clarifier. Minimum available Chlorine is 900gm/kg, 7.5g/kg present as Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate. All in one Floater, not need to touch the tablets, once empty it will float on its side. Inbuilt Clarifier. Low pH. Strong Chlorine for efficient sanitation. Large surface area for effective dosing. Inbuilt Algaecide frees up Chlorine to fight bacteria. Inbuilt Clarifier aids filtering impurities. Reduces demand for Stabiliser. Lowers pH for more efficient Chlorine action. No requirement for daily dosing.

Pool Magic No Metal Algae Killer

Metal Free concentrated Pool Algaecide. Highly concentrated. Not affected by high levels of Chlorine. Non-foaming. Kills Black Spot “blue-green”, green & mustard algae. Can be used in conjunction with all sanitisers. Ideal for ionised & salt water pools. No risk of staining.

Pool Magic Trichlor Stabilised Tablets

Minimum available Chlorine is 900gm/Kg. 75mm in Diameter. Low pH. Strong Chlorine for efficient sanitation. Slow dissolving & long lasting. Reduces demand for Stabiliser. Lowers pH for more efficient Chlorine action. No requirement for daily dosing. Contains Isocyanuric Acid (stabiliser)

Ultra Spa Plus 4 in 1

Clears Cloudy Water. Removes Unwanted Metals. Eliminates Oils. Eliminates Scum Marks

Zeolite Pool Filter Media

Zeolite is the only filter media that actually removes Ammonia from pool water and filters significantly finer than sand. Zeolite will also control malodorous volatiles (odours) and metal ions including, but not limited to heavy metals (cadmium, mercury and lead). Further, the removal of metal ions improves the softness of the water and gets rid of stains from iron and manganese that are a problem. Zeolite is lighter than sand making it easier to backwash, plus the physical structure of the processed Zeolite granules is much blockier and angular shaped, making it pack better in the filter bed and allowing increased rates of filtration.

Note: Zeolite is not to be used in pools which are fitted with Ionic Sterilisers (Ionisers).

Vinyl Repair Kits

Plus assorted parts and accessories including test kits, drops and strips.

All information provided is of a general nature and was sourced from supplier and distributor websites. Manufacturer instructions must be followed.